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тундра и такома на Париж-дакаре 2013

тундра и такома на Париж-дакаре 2013
участники команды на тундрах и такомах в аргентине 2013... сорри по английски:
TOTAL CHAOS DAKAR Rally Teams for 2013

by chaosfab on January 9, 2013

The 2013 DAKAR Rally includes the largest fleet of TOTAL CHAOS equipped off road vehicles that we have had enter this competition to date. 11 entrants have trusted our equipment to tackle the 8574 kilometer adventure, with stages torturing our equipment in every element that the South American continent can offer. Follow our race teams as they embark on one of the greatest off road adventures on the planet!

Photo Credits: Dakar.com, Teamescorpianperu.com, Todomotorperu.com, Autogascodakar.cl

Car # Driver Vehicle Description
364 Francisco Casale Team Auto GasCo 07+ Tundra TC- 87500/87702
371 Jorge Latrach Team Auto GasCo 07+ Tundra TC- 87500/87702
383 Ignacio Casale Team Auto GasCo 07+ Tundra TC- 87500/87702
392 Vladimir Ljubetic Radman 05+ Tacoma TC- 86002T-H/86305T/86600/59698/59860/59653
399 Marco Bulacia FJ with Hilux body TC- 86002H-4130/86305/86400/86600/59698/59860/59651/48650
401 Fernando Leon Monster 4×4 FJ with Hilux body TC- 86002H/86305/86400/86600/59698/59860/59651/48650
409 Bauyrzhan Issabayev Mebar M440 TC- 95200/95130/95099/95695
410 Aidyn Rakhimbayev Mebar M440 TC- 95200/95130/95099/95695
414 Ricardo Cood Team Autogasco 07+ TundraTC- 87500/87702
435 Luis Antonio Mendoza JGK FJ TC- 96504/86500/86602
447 Paul Christian Pereda Erquinigo 05+ Taco TC- 86002T/86305T/86600

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