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как подключить тюнинговые фары "Depo" ?


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Добрый день. Подскажите как подключить тюнинговые фары "Depo" ? Там помимо штатных разьемов есть один выход из двух спаренных красных проводов и от блока ксенона тоже два провода - красный и черный. Куда их тулить? Заранее благодарен.

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High Intensity Discharge (HID) Conversion Kit Installation Guide


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What is HID?

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, some people would like to call them Xenon lights, from an electric arc inside a capsule full of Xenon Gas, HID Light Bulb will produce  brighter light which is tend to be bluish tint.  High Intensity Discharge ( HID ) lighting does not have a filament and it creates light by igniting an arc between two electrodes.  Compare to the standard halogen light, HID lighting appears to give off a bluish tint when the bulbs are lit.  The color of the light is measure by the unit of Kelvin (K).  You can find the HID Kit in the market vary from 3000K up to 12000K or more and the color will be vary from yellow to white to blue to purple.  You can refer to the following chart and see how different the color of the HID Light can be.

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In the late 1990s, HID lights first began appearing on the luxury cars and are becoming increasingly more common as the standard equipment in the new vehicles.  The reason HID lights getting more common is because it produces a brighter lights for the driver and improves the safety for the people to drive at night.  The quality of the HID light is also similar to daylight.  Moreover, HID can last longer than the halogen light and consume less electricity which would reduce load on the vehicle’s electrical system.  On the outlook, you also need to admit that the HID light looks a lot cooler than the yellowish halogen light.

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If you wonder why HID call High Intensity Discharge, it come from the intense white light is produced by the electrical discharge.  And it also calls Xenon Lamps because it is referred by the gas inside the lamps.  Generally, the HID kit contains a pair of bulbs, a pair of ballasts and a pair of starters.  You may think install the HID kit is hard, but actually the installation is pretty straight forward and easy to install.  The starter takes the signal from the vehicle which is your headlight plug and quickly sends it to the ballast.  The ballast then amplifies the signal to a high current and sends it to the HID bulb.  The plug in HID bulb receives the signal and creates the bright HID light.


·Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

How to install the HID kit?

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The HID kit installation is pretty straight forward, before you start the installation, please make sure the battery is disconnected from the vehicle and the engine is cooled down.  This will ensure your safety.  First, remove the low beam dust cover on the back of your headlight assembly.  Then you can have access to the bulb.  Please make sure you unplug the bulb from the wiring harness before you attempt to remove it.  (For some vehicle, you need to remove the headlight assembly in order to remove the light bulb and some you don’t need to do that.)  Then remove the bulb from the headlights and input the HID bulb inside the headlights.  Please be careful that you don’t touch the glass part of the bulb.   After that, you need to plug in the male and the female plug in the ballast.  When you plug in the plug, please be aware of the power wire and the negative wire and secure the entire plug.  The final step will be mounting the ballast on your car.  Most of the HID kit will come with the bracket for the ballast.  So you just need to look for a good spot to mount the ballast and the installation for the HID kit is completed.  Then you can connect the battery and try out the HID upgrade.  I have found several general installation video for the HID kit, and check them out:


Step by Step Installation Guide:

1. Disconnect the battery and cool down the engine.

2. Remove the headlights assembly

3. Remove the bulb from the headlights

4. Move the tap and slide the bulb right out

5. Input the HID bulb inside the headlights

6. Plug in the male and the female plug in the ballast

7. Beware of the power and negative wire and secure the entire plug

8. Mount the ballast with the bracket that comes with the kit

9. Look for a good spot to mount the ballast

10. Connect the battery and test your HID upgrade


What is the best combination with the HID kit?

Since the HID light is so bright, it may get you in trouble in some of the states with citation.  If you install the HID kit with the projector headlights, then the HID light will project by the projector lens and the light will project to the front but not everywhere.  Therefore, the best combination will be getting the 6000K HID kit upgrade along with the Projector Headlights.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Where can I get the HID kit / Projector Headlights?

Now it’s time to upgrade your ride with the HID kit, Dashzracing offers the 6000K HID Kit for H1H3H4,H790069007.  The price is $125 and if you purchase the HID kit with the Projector Headlights, you can use our discount code with 10% off.  Check it out!~ Dashzracing HID Kit

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Вот пикча - 


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Ты о каких проводах - или фары не такие?

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