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Frogi Truck Tent


Limited Time Offer $429
$59 Shipping!

If you were to pay true shipping costs it would be $100 - $250
Lower 48 States Only

2manopen_small.jpg 3808651739_5c84f06acd-a_small.jpg assembly-24-a_small.jpg

Fits Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota Tundra, Standard-sized Trucks with short beds Only.

This is a brand new innovation for the outdoor person, who wants something robust and yet easy to assemble. Just a few bolts fits this unit to your truck and you have something never seen on the highways before? You might be the first of outdoors man or woman such as a duck hunter, or anybody that wants something that's NOT already available for the wide-open road. The USTruckTent has countless uses, that will boggle the mind and in these days of high gas prices adds yet a truly unique capability of saving you money at the feed-me gas pump. Unlike hard shell units that adds extra weight to your vehicle, the USTruckTent cover is finely engineered to stop any wind drag. Under test conditions in all inclement weather conditions the cover has come through with flying colors. In the High Sierras of the California mountains it has traveled with considerable ease through snow and hail storms.

Assembly Photo Page
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  • Unique aerodynamic shape
  • improves gas mileage 
  • Constructed of aluminum struts that clicks together for easy assembly 
  • Made to withstand severe weather conditions 
  • Four stake tabs for securing to ground (stakes not included)
  • Heavy duty canvas cover with 3 side and rear view windows 
  • Patented fender plugs to secure Frogi to the truck bed 
  • Four zippered windows
    (Velcro screens included)
  • Donut: Airtight fit from tent to cab 
  • Polyester tent floor
    (for ground use)
  • Rear window with zippered screen 
  • 20” wide seats 
  • Set Up Time (2 Hours 1st Time Aprox. 1 Hour After That)
  • These tent are not water proof

Assembly Photo Page
More Photos

These tents have been discontinued and all sales are final. They can not be returned if you don't want it. We will make sure you have everything you need to set up and use.


Weight: 75 lbs.

Width: 7’ 3”
Height: 54”
Length: 6’ 6”

Lightweight Aluminum
Steal Frame Available $100 extra

Assembly Photo Page
More Photos

To place an order please call Toll Free: (800)234-1486

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