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2014 Model Year Tundra Curtain Shield Airbag Recall E0Z


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Subject: Safety Recall E0Z – Remedy Notice
Certain 2014 Model Year Tundra Double Cab and CrewMax Vehicles
Curtain Shield Airbag

The subject vehicles are equipped with side Curtain-Shield-Airbags (CSA) which deploy from the roof rails in the of certain types of collisions. Due to a possible mis-installation of a garnish on the center roof pillars, the garnish could interfere with a CSA and not allow it to achieve its intended inflation shape. In some situations, this could increase the risk of injury to an occupant in the event of a crash.

Toyota dealers will inspect the garnishes. If a garnish is found to be mis-installed, it will be replaced. The 
Inspection and remedy procedure will be performed at No Charge to the vehicle’s owner. For additional information on inspection and remedy procedures, please refer to TIS. 

Owner Letter Mailing Date

Toyota has completed remedy preparations and will begin to notify owners in late September, 2014. 

Number and Identification of Covered Vehicles

There are approximately 133,000 Tundra Double Cab and Crew Max vehicles (2014 model year) covered by this Safety Recall in the US.

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