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с1290 с1340


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В 11/15/2013 в 01:04, Алекс72 сказал:

Может кто знает, что за ошибки?......

 DTC CODE C1290/66DETECTION ITEM Steering Angle Sensor Zero Point MalfunctionDTC DETECTION CONDITIONSteering angle sensor zero point deviates from zero point stored in skid control ECU by 20 degrees or more.TROUBLE AREAS- Steering angle sensor- Steering angle sensor circuit- CAN communication system


BRAKE CONTROL: VEHICLE STABILITY CONTROL SYSTEM: C1290:66; Steering Angle Sensor Zero Point Malfunction; 2012 MY Tundra 08:2011 -        .pdf

DTC CODE C1340/47DETECTION ITEM Center Differential Lock CircuitDTC DETECTION CONDITIONWhen the terminal IG1 voltage is between 10 and 14 V, there is an open in the A.D.D. detection switch circuit or there is a transfer mechanical malfunction for 2 seconds or more.TROUBLE AREAS- A. D. D. detection switch- A. D. D. detection switch circuit- 4WD control ECU


BRAKE CONTROL: VEHICLE STABILITY CONTROL SYSTEM: C1340:47; Center Differential Lock Circuit; 2012 MY Tundra 08:2011 -        .pdf


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